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Shadowverse by CyGames

Nailed-It Baking Bash by Paladin Studios

Dolmen by Massive Work Studios

Graham Bonnett by Graham Bonnett

Man Eater by Saban

June's Journey by Wooga



Toys 'n' Traps by Skullfish

Resonance by Felipe Andreoli

The Sandbox by PixOwl

Sonic 30th Anniversary by SEGA

Resonance by Felipe Andreoli

Marvel Future Revolution by Marvel

Wonderbox by Aquiris

LG Experience  by Webcore

Tunche by LEAP Game Studio

Gunstars by Monomyto Studios

Galinha Pintadinha Mini Season 3 by Bromelia

Su Juan-Jen DEMIGOD by Taipei Times

Dynascore by Wonder INC


Good Job! by Nintendo and Paladin Studios

Flex Box Zombie by Mastery Games

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem by Aquiris

Skydome by Kinship

Dolmen by Massive Work Studios

Shadowverse by Zexcs

Galinha Pintadinha Mini by Bromelia

Super Tower Warriors by Igor Hosse

Pearl's Peril by Wooga


Vouldaria by Timeless Lotto

Gadget Droid by 44 Toons

Skull Jones by Beto Di Trento

Skydome by Kinship

Noblesse by Webtoon

Magichestra by Samsung

VGO by Video Games Orchestra

One Ocean by Area 55

Tales of Asteria by Bandai NAMCO


Dolmen by Massive Work Studio

Switchcraft by Wooga

Bubble Island 2 by Wooga

Conflict 0: Revolution by Samsung

Horizon Chase by Aquiris

Game Changers S02 by VICE

White Lie by Ambize Studio

Dead Body Falls by Samsung

Pearl's Peril by Wooga


Stormbound by Paladin Studio

Rock & Rails by Samsung

Look to the Sky by Samsung

Conflict 0: Shattered by Samsung

Quiz da Sedução by We Love Quiz


Bubble Island 2 by Wooga

Triads by Samsung

Balloma by Samsung

Go Surf

Bloodgate: Age of Alchemy by Outsmart/DeNA

Tower Warrior by Igor Hosse

Automata by Samsung

Aestium by Levartoski

Game Changers S01 by VICE

Ultrawings by Bitplanet Games

I-Wish Demo by Polyverse


Finding Monsters Adventure by Samsung

Max Ammo by Wooga

Which Puzzle by Upbeat

Eco Digital by Orion Digital

Chicken Vs. Fox by Trendstockr

Mundo Bradesco by Farofa Studios

Bradesco Curto Circuito by Farofa Studios

Bradesco no Trilho do Trem by Farofa Studios

Gloob Cinzas de Fenix by Farofa Studios

Gloob Pelo de Gato by Farofa Studios

Rococo Wars by Samsung

My Pet (Canceled)

Pooks by Hive Digital

Game Hero by Hive Digital

Bradesco em cima da Faixa by Farofa Studios

Bradesco Dentes Soldados by Farofa Studios

Bradesco Corrida de Obstaculos by Farofa Studios

Bradesco Batalha dos Mitos by Farofa Studios

Gloob Dia de Feira by Farofa Studios


Galaxy 11 by Samsung

Fobias by Webcore

Joysticket by Joysticket

Netcartas Mobile by Pixfly

Bible Quiz & Trivia by We Love Quiz

Country Quiz & Trivia by We Love Quiz

Basketball Quiz & Trivia by We Love Quiz

Péssima Idéia Ernesto by Fernanda Schneider
Chung Dahm by Samsung

Blacken by Bobs

Necrorun by Bobs

Oh Blimey

Flag Quiz by We Love Quiz

Logo Quiz by We Love Quiz

Disco Quiz by We Love Quiz


Jelly Splash by Wooga

NetCartas Web by Pixfly

Max Music School by We Love Quiz

Magic TV by We Love Quiz

Song Quiz by We Love Quiz

Sexy Lingo by We Love Quiz
Song Battle by We Love Quiz

Unfold by Almah

Celtic Soul by Marmor

Flying Monkey (Cancelled) by Maurilio
Tiny Talks by Trendstockr

Dark Frontier by Sea Ape

Chute Premiado by We Love Quiz

Fortune Teller Apprentice by We Love Quiz

Movie Quiz by We Love Quiz

Sex Quiz by We Love Quiz

Cartoon Quiz by We Love Quiz

Level Up Logo by Level Up

Bandido by Jim Acevedo

Funk Quiz by We Love Quiz


Down in Words

Dead Mafia by We Love Quiz

Tiny Monsters by We Love Quiz

Color Qube

Taikodom Living Universe by Hoplon Infotainment

Turtle Run by We Love Quiz

Totem Destroyer Deluxe by Cats in the Sky

Ninja Bricks by Bobs


Taikodom by Hoplon Infotainment

2008 - 2003

Serious Game by Imagine Play

Second Life by Kaizen/Linden Lab

Julias Reiterland Meine Rennpferde by Caipirinha Games
Gods of the Virtual Boards by Devworks

Bears & Bees by Devworks

War II GROW by Devworks

Trilha na Floresta by Devworks

Tabuleiro NESTLÉ by Devworks

Submarino Super 15 by Devworks

Xadrez by Devworks

A Vaca foi para o brejo by Devworks

A Trilha by Devworks

Treinamento de Tiro by Devworks

Tiro ao Alvo SCHIN by Devworks

Sky Surf Hipopó by Devworks

Senha de Condominio by Devworks

Rutz na Praia by Devworks

Resta 1 by Devworks

Chute a Distancia by Devworks

Pescaria da Bia Chamequinho by Devworks

Pebolim 3D by Devworks

Parceria by Devworks

Mini-Kart by Devworks

Freak Nightmare Pinball by Devworks

War I GROW by Devworks

Tangram by Devworks

Super Trunfo by Devworks

Sinuca 3D by Devworks

Shot Volei by Devworks

Truco Roboxinol by Devworks

A Trilha na Floresta (Bradesco) by Devworks

Travessia (Bradesco) by Devworks

Strip 21 by Devworks

Senha ICE KISS by Devworks

Salto de Qualidade Camargo Correa by Devworks

Reversi by Devworks

Reconciliação by Devworks

Quebra-cabeça by Devworks

Pega-Pega by Devworks

Pato Possante by Devworks

Quebra-cabeça by Devworks

Jogo da Memória BARBIE by Devworks

Maumau by Devworks

Carteado GROW by Devworks

Genius C&A by Devworks

Floresta by Devworks

Escalada SCHIN by Devworks

Dominó by Devworks

Corrida de Bicicleta by Devworks

Batalha Naval by Devworks

Tetris ICE KISS by Devworks

Reciclagem by Devworks

Come come PURINA by Devworks

Pedreiro Polar by Devworks

Passeio NESTLÉ by Devworks

Mixer AIWA by Devworks

Interpol by Devworks

Grand Prix by Devworks

GameTrack Portal by Devworks

Corrida de Obstaculo by Devworks

Letroca by Devworks

Karina Prev Jovem by Devworks

Fotos Nortunas by Devworks

Face Oculta by Devworks

DoReMiFa Bradesco by Devworks

Desafio do Rafa by Devworks

Cristais Magicos by Devworks

Caixa de Luz by Devworks

Anaconda by Devworks

Recorte Abóbora by Devworks

Tigela com Ração PURINA by Devworks

Pinogol 3D by Devworks

Ovelhas Telefonica by Devworks

Higine Bucal NESTLÉ by Devworks

Equilibrio AXE by Devworks

Pong ICE KISS by Devworks

Garotas de Visão AXE by Devworks

DJ Hipopó by Devworks

Travessia do Rio Bradesco by Devworks

Bota Fora by Devworks

Zoo by Devworks

Pense Bem TEC TOY by Devworks

NIM by Devworks

Mosaico by Devworks

Lance Livre by Devworks

Guerra dos Monstros by Devworks

Fica 1 by Devworks

Encanamento by Devworks

Corrida da Pesada by Devworks

Caça Palavras by Devworks

Bil Bolha by Devworks

Asa Delta by Devworks

Anaconda by Devworks

Kombi Racers by Devworks

Batalha Naval by Devworks

Arco e Flecha by Devworks

Sky Surf by Devworks

Truco by Devworks

Rali AXE by Devworks

A Ponte by Devworks

Pedreiro Polar by Devworks

Natação by Devworks

Mexe Mexe Tupi by Devworks

Junte 4 by Devworks

Força Alienígena by Devworks

Faroeste by Devworks

Corrida de Tampinhas by Devworks

Canhão by Devworks

Bloco Mágico by Devworks

Batalha Naval by Devworks

Aniversário by Devworks

Air Hockey by Devworks

Paraglider 2 by Devworks

Paraglider by Devworks

Tiro ao Alvo by Devworks

Natação by Devworks

Procurado by Devworks

Zoo B&W by Devworks

Bang Bang by Devworks

Conecta 4 by Devworks

Tiro Livre by Devworks

Faces by Devworks

Arco & Flecha by Devworks

Queda Livre by Devworks

Truco by Devworks

Natação B&W by Devworks

Embaixadinha by Devworks

Carteado by Devworks

Dominó B&W by Devworks

Mexe Mexe B&W by Devworks

A Ponte B&W by Devworks

Asa Delta B&W by Devworks

Sueca B&W by Devworks

Skater by Devworks