You have needs. We have solutions


Whether your project is an AAA Game, an indie film or a Hollywood production, we have the perfect solution for it!


Be it orchestral, jazz, ethnic, 8-bit and beyond, we're ready to translate your direction into musical notes and prepared to deliver the best music for your project.


Monsters, explosions, engines to UI, foley and bleeps and bloops... We love to design and record unique sound effects and we know the importance of bringing an unique audio identity to your project.


Whether your project is being developed in Unreal or Unity, or requires implementation via Wwise or Fmod, our collaborators are ready to provide you the perfect integration for your game.
We'll make sure to provide a maximum sound experience for your players.


Needing singers, violinists, guitarists for your productions? We work with incredible musicians and they are ready to eternalize their talents in your game or movie.


Have a great melody and dream of having this being played by a live orchestra or by a jazz big band?
We can arrange and orchestrate your composition like no other and also, adapt it to fit your budget.


You're a composer and you don't want to spend hours programming MIDI in order to make your music sound realistic? 
We're here to help you achieve this realism without any headache.


With a long list of extraordinary voice actors (English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish), we are ready to cast, direct, record, edit and mix every voice to your productions.
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