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Andromeda Sound - Music and Sounds for Games

Enter the realm of our creative audio company, where sound waves are sculpted and woven into immersive experiences for clients worldwide.

We are the maestros of storytelling through sound—a powerhouse dedicated to crafting sonic narratives that transcend boundaries and ignite emotions.

Join us in this epic journey where every project is a saga waiting to unfold!

Storytelling through Sound

Music composed by us and now nominated for Best Sound in Gamescom 2024



We are pleased to introduce our new website, currently in beta. Despite its beta status, it already features a plethora of new content. Check it out!

Andromeda Sound - Music and Sounds for Games
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You bring the project; we provide the audio solution! Our services encompass composition, orchestration, sound effects creation, middleware implementation, and global casting and direction of voice actors for games, movies, bands and concerts.


We create virtual instruments and sample libraries for composers and producers, blending sounds from the Amazon jungle to synthesizers. Expertly recorded by natives around the world and ultra talented musicians, our work is deeply connected to social causes.


Education should be accessible to everyone. Viewing education as a fundamental resource for a better world, we, the founders of Game Audio School create courses. In a full-circle experience, for every course purchased, someone less fortunate receives a course for free. It's a win-win situation.

Andromeda Sound - Music and Sounds for Games

Passion for art and a love for media define us! At Andromeda Sound, we all take pleasure in what we do—delivering sonic experiences to everyone.

The Company


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Andromeda Sound - Music and Sounds for Games

While Andromeda may be distant, but we're confident that you'll want to stay connected for upcoming news, discounts, and job opportunities.


Andromeda Sound - Music and Sounds for Games

Who do we work with?

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