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Audio Production

Bring your project to life with our audio expertise! We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including composition, orchestration, sound effects creation, middleware implementation, and global casting and direction of voice actors. Whether it's for games, movies, bands, or concerts, we've got the perfect audio solution for your creative endeavors.


At Andromeda, audio for games is our powerhouse. From quirky bleeps and boops to authentic orchestral scores, all intricately designed to be interactive and responsive to players' actions. Complemented by distinctive and enchanting sound effects and voiceovers, these represent the diverse range of games we've contributed to thus far.


Nintendo Good job

Crafting work within a linear timeline is an art form. Hitting that precise emotional note at the right moment is what we strive for when collaborating on these projects. From children's animations to adult movies, these represent some of the classic art form projects we've been involved in.

Films & TV

takt op
Marvel Future Revolution

From a mesmerizing concert commemorating Sonic's 30th anniversary to intricate arrangements echoing the powerful sounds of bands like Angra and Graham Bonnet, these albums and concerts encapsulate the diverse range of projects we've been proud to be part of.

Albums & Concert

sonic 30th anniversary


Indulge in the cosmic melodies and sounds we've composed for hundreds of extraordinary projects—all meticulously developed on planet Earth.

Happy Clients

Luis Wong

Leap Game Studio

Andromeda Sound has been an important partner in our growth as a game studio. They have worked on multiple projects by creating music and implementing the audio on middleware.

Antonio and his team, as always, delivered great work that both players and partners love!

The passion and attention to detail he has also pushed us even further to do amazing games!

Rodolphe Recca

The Sandbox

We approached Andromeda Sound for various music styles and sound effects for our metaverse, The Sandbox. Working with Antonio and his team was smooth and highly successful! They delivered high-quality sounds and music quickly, showing great proactiveness and responsiveness to feedback. Our community loved their work, requesting a playlist with the music they composed. I highly recommend working with Antonio and Andromeda Sound!

Sean Deere

Paladin Studios

I've had the pleasure of working with Antonio on two projects now, and both times have been fantastic! Antonio brings enthusiasm, professionalism, and flexibility to the soundtrack of our games. It's a collaborative experience, and you'll come away with music that breathes life into your game. Antonio is my go-to for composing in any genre for our titles.

Marcelo Nunes de Carvalho


Antonio is the best audio professional I had opportunity to work with and he is always trying to improve himself even more. He is also a great colleague, able to work with others as a team and help the group to achieve better results


The list is extensive, so get ready to utilize your data to explore our comprehensive credit list.

andromeda sound astronaut

We are very proud of our team, our achievements and what we can still achieve with you. Localized prices, transparent and organized workflow, unique commitment with deadlines and much more... 

Why us?

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