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- We are a creative audio company, responsible for manipulating sound waves for clients worldwide.


We are storytellers through sound! -


Futuristic Vehicle

Founded in 2007 by Antonio Teoli and formerly known as Teoli Soundworks, Andromeda Sound is a leading audio post-production studio with locations in Los Angeles and São Paulo. Our mission is to be a pioneer in crafting immersive sound experiences for games, films, and television.


With an extensive portfolio featuring over 400 projects, including renowned titles like Nintendo's Good Job!, Nailed-It, Dolmen, Sonic 30th Anniversary, and more, Andromeda Sound takes pride in composing music, creating sound effects, directing voiceover actors, and implementing diverse audio events. Our commitment is to provide millions of players and movie enthusiasts with a complete and enriching audio experience.

We view audio as the director's voice, conveyed through our musical notes and sound effects directly to the audience. Our collaborative approach fosters effective communication between the director and the final audience.


Andromeda Sound offers virtual instruments and sample libraries, available for purchase on our website, including The Amazonic AMA I and Costa Rica VIDA I. We also create libraries for LANDR Chromatic and Splice. Our goal is consistent across all our creations: to deliver exciting new sounds to composers while staying connected to social causes.


Sharing knowledge acquired over two decades in audio production is a passion at Andromeda Sound. We've established Game Audio School, a unique platform where everyone can learn the essential steps to become a professional audio composer and sound designer at affordable costs. Moreover, for every course purchased, we provide one course annually to those in need, ensuring equal opportunity for all. Join us in the journey of creating exceptional audio experiences and fostering learning in the global community.

What We Do

Antonio Teoli

Known as the Brazilian pioneer on game music, Antonio Teoli is award-winning game and film composer and sound designer who has worked on more than 400 games including Nintendo Good Job!, Dolmen, Nailed-It, Sonic 30th Anniversary, Stormbound, Marvel Future Revolution, The Sandbox, Rock & Rails and for companies such as Nintendo, DeNA, Paladin, Wooga, SEGA, Samsung, Hoplon, Level Up, Vice, Bit Planet and many more.

Antonio is also the founder of the companies Andromeda Sound, Game Audio School, Hollywood Audio Summit and The Amazonic.

Antonio Teoli

Jether Garotti Junior

Pianist, clarinetist, maestro, arranger and orchestrator, Jether's careers expands to 40 years composing music for films, TV and Radio.​

Some of his musical notes can be listened on "Meu pedacinho de chão", "Velho Chico" e "Dois Irmãos", from Globo TV under the direction of Tim Rescala.​

For 30 years he also worked as maestro and arranger for Zizi Possi and her last 13 CDs, including the album "Puro Prazer" which was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2000 as the Best Brazilian Album.

Jether Garotti Junior

Giovane Webster

Audio Designer with 10+ years’ experience in game audio and other medias - film, animation, advertising, music market. 

Curious and fast learner with a professional diverse background, Webster currently dedicates his career to the art of crafting sounds and has several games already published in his journey. 

He had the opportunity to work with numerous composers, producers and voice actors. The mix between the creative art and modern technical skills creates something special and unique which give a real identity to the Giovane Webster’s audio work

Giovane Webster

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